Testimonials from our clients

“Having had a prolonged period of mental blocks on the golf course, I decided to engage Peter for assistance. We worked together over a 4 week period to identify the core of the issue and have put in place some great strategies for improvement. Peter has a very professional, but down to earth empathetic approach, which really provides the perfect environment for improvement. I can highly recommend him to anyone looking for performance improvement”

Dennis Dangelo - Melbourne

" We were approached by Peter Tait to participate in the Mental Toughness Program after Peter recognised that our son was struggling with the mental side of his hockey game. Our son possesses great physical hockey skills but his lack of mental coping skills, especially in high pressure games, was affecting his performance. He was anxious and lacking in confidence both prior to high pressure games and during the games, resulting in a drop in his usual standard of performance"

"After completing the Mental Toughness sessions, Peter has now given him skills to help recognise and understand the triggers of mental stress so that he can cope and remain focused. We have already seen an improvement, not only with sport but in his general life, and we will definitely utilise the ongoing support that is provided after completion of the sessions. We would highly recommend this course for anyone who is struggling with this increasingly important part of sport"  

Angelique and Jason - Sydney

" Our 16 year old daughter struggled with fears and confidence in her running when it came to her performance on race day. Despite being a good trainer and working hard, she was unable to translate this in her races. Working with Peter, Natalie has had a major breakthrough with  her performance as a runner and has started to perform more consistently in races. Natalie feels more confident and has been able to manage her fears more effectively. Thank you Peter!"  

Louise, Brad and Natalie - Canberra

Football - AFL
"Peter was referred to us for our son who needed to build mental and physical confidence in playing sports.  Although he has very good skills, and trained extremely well, he was unable to transfer that confidence into game days"

Peter worked with our son to build on the love of his sports which helped dispel the self talk that he was not as good as other boys and how to focus on specific actions to assist him improve parts of his game.  My son developed an awareness of why he loves playing sport, what he has achieved and what he is grateful for in his life"

"We have noticed he is more resilient and focused, and also more aware of how we support him as parents. He is definitely more confident when playing sports now. Moreover, Peter was fun and a great communicator, which translated into highly integrative sessions which my son really enjoyed"

"I highly recommend Peter’s teachings and approach for anyone who wants to improve their sports performance and life’s challenges".

Maria A - Melbourne