Four-session RACE Formula Package

Our signature program which has worked worldwide for over 12 years with thousands of athletes & performers to help clear mental blocks, fear/anxiety, procrastination, low self esteem, lack of aggressiveness, perfectionism, stressed out, negativity, and any other interference to you achieving the goals you want and deserve.RACE Formula

In the 4 sessions, you (or your child) will discover total empowerment through a thorough understanding of how you operate. Just like driving a car, you learn how to drive your own mind which gives you the total control to generate the peak performance state. That's R. Relentless.

You will use that mental/emotional control to come out of these 4 sessions having cleared the interference patterns causing the blocks and also equipped with a set of tools to keep yourself clear and continue to build on the foundation of confidence techniques we use in the sessions.

The 4-Session Protocol - RACE

  • In this process, most importantly, we clear all of the mental baggage that interferes with achieving peak performances: useless beliefs, faulty programs, old injuries, etc.
  • In addition, in the 4 sessions, the athlete learns: Intention, Self-empowerment, Thought control, Emotional Mastery, Self Hypnosis, and how to increase self confidence. Those skills develop mental toughness and lead athletes to the gateway of what they call the The Zone or Flow State.
  • When we are through, the athlete is able to keep him/herself clear, continue to build confidence with these tools and apply it all to other areas of life when we are done.

More details on the 4 sessions here.

Performance = Potential - Interference

12 Session Total Mental Toughness Coaching Package

You get everything in the 4-session RACE Formula package PLUS an additional 9 sessions to fully master and fine tune what has taken us over a decade, thousands of athletes, considerable financial investment, testing, tracking, tweaking, trial and error to build this athletic performance system. We go far deeper into the R.A.C.E. Formula not only giving you the mental edge in your performance, but turning you into a mental toughness coach in your own right.

When you are done, you will be able to master your emotions. You will have a deep understanding of yourself and humans in general that gives you the poise and presence to be calm, collected, and confident in even the most pressured situations.

Single Sessions

We offer single sessions to get a boost before an important game or competition, or to just try us out. Some of our past clients love to come in for tune-ups months after our initial training. Post-package sessions are pro-rated based on the session package rate. 

Work With Me

I work with Athletes and Teams worldwide either individually or in small groups either face to face or over the internet using Zoom.