Finding Resilience and Mental Strength in Young Athletes.

Every athlete has a story and the best athletes story is one of perseverance and determination. The key is building resilience and focusing on the longer game and who you are becoming in the process. This is really hard though on the back of disappointment or a result. Whether it is a selection event (in a team) as selections in teams are often not clear cut and subjective and many times are political. But the best don’t setbacks define them or hold them back, they stick to their dream and goals and use it as fuel to drive them to get better.

If you are this athlete then you are the real diamonds in the sport, the athlete that always did shine and will continue to shine long after the rhinestones have faded. Because under the bright lights is where the work you did in dark will be exposed.

When we play want to do this using our unconscious mind – meaning we don’t think about every move or play we just go and it like in training. The reps we have done in training under pressure, fatigue is what matters and if your competition hasn’t done the work they will also be exposed. See you don’t rise to the occasion, you will fall to the level of your training – thats why its important to train hard.

So don’t lose heart or confidence, stay in the contest long enough, continue to do the work as your time will come and people will finally see the sparkle that was always there waiting for the right person to come along and find you.

  • To the athlete who scored the winning goal to win their team a national title, I see you.
  • To the athlete that had to stay on the field and not get substituted by the coach as the coach needed you and trusted you to hold the team in place, I see you.
  • To the athlete that is dangerous and unpredictable on the field that you keep the opposition coaches and players on edge all game, I see you.
  • To the athlete that gets up early each morning and runs down to the ground and trains but doesn’t brag about it, I see you.
  • To the athlete, who works hard, has great skills, is resilient and determined and a great team member, I see you.
  • To the athlete that performs at each game and selection trials and get overlooked for other players due to poor process and decisions, I see you.

If you read this and believe that you are this athlete, then take comfortable in that if I can see you, then eventually the right coaches will also see you. Just like the saying in the Kevin Costner Field of Dreams movie – “If you build it, he will come”. Bide your time, be patient, and keep working hard as you always have.

If you feel like you are starting to lose faith, then learning to become mentally strong can and will help you. See most (not all) players are working hard but being mentally strong make a major difference. Being mentally strong is about feeling confident, focused, determined and resilient, especially under pressure.

Ability, Skills & Talent

Many athletes and performers know they have more ability, skills, and talents then what might be getting recognised and fears and doubts can form when this is not happening.

As a certified mental toughness trainer, I work with athletes worldwide in many sports to find solutions to help them remove fears and doubts that are causing interference and allow them to fulfil their potential and making sure the diamond is seen when their time comes, and in the mean time they keep building their mental skills and keep getting better. Click here to read more on my programs

If this is you and you want to be finally seen as you should be then contact me today for a free consultation to see how I can help you.

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