About Me

Welcome. I’m Peter Tait, a Sports Mental Toughness Coach who works with athletes worldwide individually or in small groups using Zoom coaching athletes how to overcome nervousness, stress, fear and pressure so they reach peak performance in competition.

My Background as a Coach

As both a player and a coach, I have been involved in competitive sports for the last 36 years. I have played at state representative level both as a junior and senior, and have coached and worked with many athletes and teams of all ages at Beginner, Immediate and Elite levels.

I am Level 3 Australian Hockey Coach (AHA Advanced Coach), Mental Toughness Trainer (MTT), Level 1 S&C Coach, 6 time Senior Premiership Winning Coach, 2 time Sydney Hockey Coach of the Year, State Hockey Selector and Coach and I have undertaken training in NLP.

Why Work With Me?

As an athlete there were many times where I struggled with maintaining a high level of performance, or exceeding it. At the time I felt like I was the only one who struggled with this and often felt that I was on my own, and there was no one to actually help me.

Most coaches I had over my playing career were busy and struggling with their own challenges and barely had enough time to coach the team let alone spend time and be able to help one of their players. So on my own I would try to “Stay focused, “Toughen up”, “Be Confident”, “Work harder”.

Despite doing all those things, I was still unable to shut out the interference and had no other choice but to just push on and try to figure it out. Whilst I did well as a player, I knew there was something missing but what was it?​

When I moved into coaching, I then saw my own athletes and players struggle with the similar issues as I encountered as a young player and I could clearly see the effect this had on them and their own performance. As a former player and a very successful coach in my own right this really frustrated me and I really wanted to make a difference in the players I coached so I went searching for answers.

I read all the coaching and sports books from the experts, I attended seminars of some of the great speakers and trainers (Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins & Scott Harris), sat in on the webinars, read motivational quotes, and watched the You Tube videos, some of this helped but most of the information available only ever scratched the surface of the real problems that all athletes face.

Firstly you need to have an understanding of Mental Toughness and what it really is:

And you need a systematic way of of improving an athletes perform which as as I coach I have come to know which is:


What does this mean? We all have the ability to perform at our highest potential at any given time, minus the Interference.

What most people don’t understand is that 90% of athletic performance is mental and those who do understand it, don’t know how to teach it. My goal as a coach is to provide my athletes with the necessary skills and tools to help them reach their full potential, not only in sport but in all aspects of their life.

Using my own experiences and knowledge as a player and a coach, I now teach athletes how to overcome nervousness, stress, fear and pressure so that they can consistently reach peak performance in competition.

I follow the same formula for success that top professional athletes around the world have been using for years and as a certified mental toughness trainer, we a deep understanding that You Have To Do The Mental Toughness Work At The Level Of The Unconscious Mind if you want results to be permanent.

Through relentless research, meticulous tracking, and a driving curiosity for innovation, a systematic process was developed that we call RACE Formula which is:

  • Relentless
  • Awareness
  • Control
  • Emotional Mastery 

I specialise in working with athletes who:

  • Have trouble staying focused
  • Playing Inconsistently  
  • Lacking  Confidence
  • Fear of Failure
  • Nervousness
  • Struggling Under Pressure
  • In a Performance Slump
  • Struggling to let go of mistakes

What I’m really proud about my work is that these are tools athletes will be able to use not only for sport but for academics, relationships, and set up for a success mindset for the rest of their life.

Contact me discuss how I can provide the skills and tools needed to give you a competitive edge an edge and help fulfil your potential.


Sports Mental Toughness Coach Mission

“Coaching athletes how to over come nervousness, stress, fear and pressure so they can reach peak performance in competition