5 Tips & Strategies to Developing Mental Toughness

Not knowing where to start in terms of building your Mental Toughness?

As a Mental Toughness Coach and Trainer, I want to share with you today 5 useful mental tips & strategies that you can use to help build your mental skills and strength.

If you’re a parent, a coach, or player hopefully you’ll find these helpful to building a better and stronger athlete.

To start with why Work on Mental Skills?

There is huge advantage if you can work on your mental game and is generally the area that most players struggle at some stage with in their game.

Being Confident & Focused is something anyone can learn, you just have to do some mental skills and drills work………..

Over time your mind strength will become automatic……just like any new skill you were learning in your sport…….and just like any other coach there are many drills and skill you can do!

The great thing about mental toughness training for sports is that you can do it any where…….you don’t have to wait until game day in order to work on your mind.

The fact is Winners win in advance, and what I mean by this is you win by mastering your skills of your sport in training and practice, and then directing your mind so your skills show up when it really matters.

Here are my top 5 strategies for building mental skills for sport in no particular order

#1 Mental Practice

Some coaches also call this visualisation, but the problem with visualisation is that not everyone is visual and that’s Ok.

Tiger Woods is classic example where he was not visual and was more feeling based– touch/feel. So you don’t need to worry if you are not visual. You can check out this video here on Tiger Woods explaining this.

I teach mental practice in my programs but the bottom line is athletes make 2 mistakes with this:

1 – They don’t do it enough

2 – They are too vague and general with what they want to work on or achieve

Get detailed and specific and then do the reps

#2 Get Present

This is also very underrated as a mental toughness skill, but can easily be improved.

Here’s what you should do:

Multiple times a day direct your attention to your 5 senses and what they are taking in order to get into the present moment.







Because Fear does not exist in the present moment, unless you are face with some physical danger, but Fear is the biggest enemy for athletes in sports.

# 3 Use a Mantra or Saying

Read a sentence or a few words that you can repeat regularly that you truly believe in about your ability to compete or your confidence.

Multiple times time a day – again its about getting the reps in

“I’ve got this”

“I work hard than anyone else”

“I never give up”

“I can do this”

A recent example is NRL Sydney Rooster Grand final winner of the Clive Churchill Medal (best on ground) Luke Keary said to himself  ‘I’ve got to go and do this’ The mantra helped him have the game of his life under pressure on one of the biggest sporting stages.

So having a mantra and saying it multiple times until you believe it whole heartily can make a real difference to your performance.

# 4 Letting go

Let go verbally to yourself whenever you make mistakes the key is not to get hung up.

Acknowledge the error & then release it.

You either Win or you Learn, and in Sports it is about how you handle making mistakes, learn, move on to the next play and build resiliency with this practice.

At the end of the day, all you need is resiliency to succeed at anything.

# 5 Focus

Particularly in the age of dramatic distraction – with phones, social media etc.

Multiple times a day find something to focus on and time yourself.

The ability to focus is like a muscle that get stronger like weight training in the gym, you get better and better by working on this as a daily habit.

Most sports you only need a short time for focus for the tasks at hand – whether that is in a team or as an individual – and this is a major competitive advantage if you can learn to focus, and focusing when it counts.

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