2 Simple Tools to Help with Your Consistency in Your Sport

Mental Strength or Toughness is:




Resilient – Especially Under Pressure



Consistency is the gold nugget for performers, you’ve done something once you want to do it again. Too many athletes are so steeped in I need to fix what is wrong and coaches also talk about this all the time, which is fine but needs to be balanced 10-1 with I want to repeat what I do well and  I know how to do it!

That’s how you are going to perform well in competition.

In our Mental Toughness Programs, we talk and go into detail about the Power of the Unconscious Mind being the Power Source of Consistency in Sport.

What’s the most consistent thing you do from the moment you are born to the moment you die? It’s your heart beat which is run and regulated by your unconscious mind.

And this is what you want to tap into your consistency in your Sport – it’s all about the connection to the UCM.

If your trying to consciously guide your movement during competition it generally won’t work and creates interference.

The way to have this work – your connection to UCM and what you do well, and have it respond is through your Routine………you be consistent to the up to that point where you need the performance to occur and then you trigger a flow of consistency.

For Golfers, they have a pre-routine which triggers their UCM………….”oh this is what we I do and this is how I do it and now I am ready to go”………Or a basket baller looking to throw a free throw.

Thinking about all the details skills or what you need to fix during competition only creates interference and undoubtedly affects your performance.

Every sport you the ability to do routines even if it is just before game time….. like in team sports such as soccer, hockey, football.

I highly recommend a routine and then when its time – you go into the trusting stateyou trust your body to do what it knows what to do and what you have done before and have trained it to do.

Step 1: Routine


Step 2: Trust

Another major benefit of routine it is:

  1. Something you can go to
  2. Occupies your mind

When its game time or competition time and things are coming at you, and you may feel nervous or your mind is going crazy or you’re in a FEAR state, you can direct your mind to just do your routine.

Could be how you dress before a game, how you warm up, how you prepare – It’s all about consistency, it’s too late once the game or competition has started, Routine & Trust will help you perform to your very best.

Knowing this will help give you an edge in competition because Winners Win in Advance!

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Peter Tait

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