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Peter Tait, Mental Toughness Trainer – Specialising In Sports Mental Toughness Training

How You Get To Your Next Level Of Performance

  • Learn How to Master Your Emotions
  • Clear Mental Blocks, Doubts & Fear of Failure
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Perform in Competition like you do in Training
  • Improve Your Focus and Performance, Especially Under Pressure
  • Find Your Flow State 
  • Work With Me Using The R.A.C.E. Formula System

5 Tips & Strategies to Developing Mental Toughness

Not knowing where to start in terms of building your Mental Toughness? As a Mental Toughness Coach and Trainer, I want to share with you today 5 useful mental tips & strategies that you can use to help build your mental skills and strength. If you’re a parent, a coach, or player hopefully you’ll find these helpful to building a better and stronger athlete. To s [...]

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Struggling to bring consistency on Game Day?

Are you familiar with the phrase “practice makes perfect”?    Despite its consistency throughout time, it is not entirely accurate. Why is that?  It’s simple.  Only a perfect training session can lead to perfect results and there is no such thing as perfect training if interference is present.True…repetition is the way to mastery, but you cannot physically out trai [...]

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Struggling to let go of mistakes?

One of the most common patterns that destroys sports performance is PERFECTIONISM. By beating yourself up whenever you make mistakes, you carry a poor performance to the next performance even in the same game. According to ancient philosophers, it is really important to “know thyself”.  Through their teaching’s they tried to urge people to better know and understand thei [...]

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Struggling to Perform Under Pressure?

Most coaches make one crucial mistake in identifying the cause of this problem. The common advice given to desensitise yourself to pressure is to play more and inject more pressure into your practice. This is a band-aid solution and does not go to addressing the core of the problem.You want to be a “WINNER”. You constantly go out of your way to be prepared and alert but a [...]

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